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GUESS WHAT??  I have a Tennessee XTube Fan that plans to cum visit me on tomorrow Sunday August 10, 2014 to give my ass a really good fucking with his 10 1/2 inch thick dick.

We did a quick Meet and Greet on Skype just to see each other face so it won’t be a blind fuck.  We both like what we saw during our cam session and if everything goes as plan, tomorrow around this time, we should be in a hotel room some place still fucking.   I am looking for someone with a smaller dick to cum pre-fuck my ass so that he can just jump right into an nice wet open ass and do his thing.

And Yes, Our FUCK SESSION will be recorded and since it going to be a long session, I will cut and splice together some of the best sections and create a 20 to 30 minute clip or do a part one and part two.

Now the video will be uploaded as a private video so you know what you will need to do to gain access.  If you don’t know,  just keep reading below or inbox or email me and I will make sure you know what has be done to view this hot fuck session..



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HOT! Caught Him Jacking His Dick In Public

Looked up and saw him playing his nice hard black dick in public. Made me hard as hell. I just have to pull my phone and capture this horny freaky sexy guy! It was too busy for him to cum.. Hope to run into him again.. TheFreakyCameraMan@gmail.com


Changed Into Something Comfortable

While traveling back home. I made a stop into some woods and changed out of some long pants and into some short and no underwear.


(Currently 4 Total and I Have Lots More To ADD!)

Private Video #1
All Male – Threesome with Cum Shot
7:45 Minutes

01-An All Male Threesome with Cum ShotClick  On Photo To Enlarge

We met over our horny friend’s Apartment so that he could suck on my dick while he is getting a good fucking. The top made an attempt to fuck me, but my ass was too tight for him. So he went back to fucking our friend and make a nice finish by cumming on his ass. That nut feel so good cumming out that he almost kicked the camera out of my hand while I was trying to get a nice close shot of his nut running down our friend ass crack.. (062414) TheFreakyCameraMan@gmail.com



Private Video #2
Fucked By DL Bi-Curious Guy From Craigslist On My Birthday

4:17 Minutes

02-GettingFuckedByADLBiCuriousGuyMetOnCraigslistClick  On Photo To Enlarge

BIRTHDAY FUCK (06-01-2014): Fucked by down low bi-curious guy that replied to an ad I placed on Craigslist. The video is a little dark because he didn’t want to turn on the light. But the way he fucked me I think he enjoyed my tight wet ass. He was about out of breath by the time he got that nut. Forward me your email address if you would like for me to add you to notified when I upload my next video. Don’t forget to let me know what you think. (060114) TheFreakyCameraMan@gmail.com



Private Video #3
Making My ASS Cream -My Horny Friend Enjoying My Tight ASS!
5:05 Minutes

03-Making My ASS Cream - My Horny Friend Enjoying My Tight AssClick  On Photo To Enlarge

A young friend of mines that is a freak and is always horny, called me over to his place so that he could play in my ass. The way he was enjoying my ass made me so horny until my ass started to cream.. (012814) Look forward to your comments and please don’t for to rate it and add to your favorites so your friends can check us out. Thanks TheFreakyCameraMan@gmail.com



Private Video #4
Picked Up A Guy and Asked Him To Show Me His Dick
5:00 Minutes

Picked Up This Guy Walking. I can tell that he was gay, so I asked him to show me what he had hiding in his pants. He pulled out a nice uncut dick. Pulled over and parked in a public park parking lot and watch him play with himself. I did touch it a few times. I asked him if I can record him fucking someone with that nice pipe he had and replied “oh yeah”. (062014) TheFreakyCameraMan@gmail.com



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